place is a state of being [2007-2009]

the inspiration for this body of work stems from ongoing questions i have about home; as a political structure, a psychological identity and a physical dwelling. as an expatriate and modern day nomad, there is a sense of displacement and isolation evident in my work. i have lived on three continents, none of which can i call home. i do not own land; i rent space one year at a time and have accumulated exactly four items of permanent furniture; not including a bed. 

the idea of land, as a space, a void, a potential home; overwhelms me. but nothingness can be contained and validated by railroad tracks, or a door, or a fence. all function to separate home from not home, government housing from decent living, inhabited space from no-man’s-land. the home i know is temporary and with it comes a level of instability. i am desperate to solidify a vastness and through my materials be able to make a space [home] that is tangible despite its impermanence.